Raga Ceylon


Agri Ceylon Suppliers

Agri Ceylon Suppliers is a fully owned subsidiary of Agrideshiya Pvt. Ltd. The company is responsible for the continuous and timely supply of kithul sap, which is done while adhering to food manufacturing standards.

Ceylon Saplings

A subsidiary of Agrideshiya, Ceylon Saplings engages in and improving industry related initiatives that support the local community in a sustainable operation. The fully female-led organization provides for employment, development and community enhancement, where women learn, grown and shine.

Industrial Technology Institute

In our journey towards innovation, the Industrial Technology Institute (ITI) has been a very important aspect of our company since our inception. ITI has fulfilled our core objective to engage in a technology transfer with Sri Lanka’s own technical knowledge, thus ensuring that a “made in Sri Lanka” label is applicable for all our processes and products. 


DFCC Bank has supported several key entrepreneurs and enterprises in Sri Lanka, in industries such as agriculture, apparel, construction, food and beverages, healthcare, manufacturing, power, telecom and tourism. DFCC Bank aims to continue to help businesses through innovative and responsible financial solutions.


Agrithmics is the developer of the innovative and pioneering process automation system known as AGRIX, which was conceptualized by Agrideshiya, and is currently used in carrying out the entire kithul collection process. From the point of identification of each individual tapper, to the measurements, system inputs and analysis, the full set of data is monitored through AGRIX, which used by the company to create and distribute their very own Raga Sparkling Kithul Raa of Ceylon and Virgin Kithul Syrup of Ceylon.